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Uniform for year's 5 & 6


School Uniform

Pupil's in year's 5 & 6 now have the opportunity to wear ties to school.
The idea of a school tie was thought of by our school council.
The school council believe that wearing a tie is a good idea, as the children will be use to wearing one for when they have to leave Timberley and start Secondary school.
Miss Rose agreed with the school council and thought it was a brilliant idea. 
Therefore, Miss Rose has ordered Tmberley tie's for children in year's 5 & 6.
The ties are Timberley blue with a silver stripe. 

School ties are available to buy from the school office for £2.50.

The school ties are lovely and all the children look really smart.

Well done to the school council for coming up with this good idea, the tie's have been extremely successful so far.


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