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This half term our Project is all to do with fairgrounds. Take a look at some of our photographs from a session where we were building some rollercoasters!

After designing our rollercoaster prototypes, we have then been looking at the finer details that help to make a rollercoaster work. We have created electrical circuits (including buzzers, motors and bulbs) and have also investigated how sounds are created in order to enhance the rollercoaster experience. Have a look at our sound investigations and see if you can explain how sound is made...

After learning about how the different components work, we have now began to create our own steady hand games. To begin with we created designs and have then used these to make our own prototypes.

Have a look below at our designs and see which one you think would be the most challenging....

After some slight alterations to our original plans and prototypes, we have finally combined all the elements of our fairground learning to create our own working steady hand games. We hope you are ready to try them out at parents evening!!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion