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As part of our History topic, we have been learning about the process of mummification, as used by the Ancient Egyptians. We were able to experience this by taking a trip back in time to an Ancient Egyptian embalmers. 
Picture 1 Washing the body from water from the River
Picture 2 Removing the brain with a hook through the nose
Picture 3 Then the intestines were removed.
Picture 4 Then the liver was pulled out.
Picture 5 Finally the stomach and the lungs were removed.
Picture 6 The 4 vital organs were stored in canopic jars.
Picture 7 The jars were protected by the 4 sons of Horus.
Picture 8 The body was then stuffed with sawdust.
Picture 9 Natron salt was used to dry out the body.
Picture 10 The body was left for 40 days.
Picture 11 The body was wrapped in linen bandages.
Picture 12 Every finger and toe was wrapped separately.
Picture 13 Charms were placed in the layers for good luck.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion