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For all our children to feel engaged and inspired by art, both in their own creative ventures into differing forms and techniques, as well as how they view and respond to art past and present, recognising its significance in and contribution to our lives, culture and the wider world.

Loving the SPACE-ART from the 5ers!

A glimpse into some sketchbooks...

Recapping Our Van Gogh Knowledge

The Original Selfie?

Year 2's Brilliant Building work


Check out Year 2's Buildings work for Project, using a variety of materials and processes. Click here to visit their Class Page.


How To Paint With Watercolour (for kids)

Arts Hub is a great YouTube page to help you produce all sorts of artwork. So many to choose from!

This tutorial helps you when painting with watercolours.

Is your artwork similar to an orangutan's?


Check out the full article here.

Headdress Anyone?


Fancy making an Ancient Egyptian headdress or your own costume? Check-out Year 4’s class page for some ideas!


They've also been creating some fantastic Ancient Egypt-inspired artwork.



Some fantastic art techniques and skills from Year 3! Plus they've been exploring the different purposes of artwork...


Year 4 - Grid Patterns


Year 4 have been developing their drawing skills using the grid pattern technique.




Check out Year 2’s Sensory Toy art – using a variety of materials.


Timberley Online Art Lesson Number 3

Timberley Online Art Lesson 2

Miss McAvoy's Online Art Lesson - 1

Welcome to Art!

Here at Timberley we have lots of aspiring artists who love to show their work off! Here you can see some of the art work produced as well as pick up some tips on how you could produce your own works of art.


Some fantastic Art on display...

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion