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For all our children to leave us having developed an enquiring, insightful and analytical mind, with a firm historical perspective and understanding of key historical periods, facts and significant individuals, recognising how these have helped shape the world as it is today.

Local Area Week


What a week it’s been throughout the school! The children have loved having the opportunity to focus on the local area, both past and present.


We’ve looked at the history and geography of the surrounding area, including the area’s involvement and contribution to WWII, mapping out and locating features and buildings, looking through maps over time and seeing how and why land use has changed – and so much more!


Year 2 Looking at Timelines...

First the children started by discussing what they already knew about Queen Elizabeth I. Then they learned that Queen Elizabeth I was the last Tudor monarch. After that, they ordered the Tudor monarchy on a timeline in groups.


History in the making...


Yesterday saw the opening of the Elizabeth Tube Line! This is something that one day you may be asked about by youngsters. Check out 9 facts about the line here.

Pre-historic Stone Circle Discovery... dating back to possibly 3,000BC!


Believed to have been built during the late Neolithic period, about 3,000–2,500BC. You can read the article here.


Hadrian's Wall

It's the 1900th anniversary of Hadrian's Wall this year! Check out this website for more information on how it was built, as well as challenges for you to build your own version! 


360° Travel inside the Great Pyramid of Giza - BBC

Travel to the heart of the Great Pyramid of Giza in this 360° video experience.

Why weren't you at work?!

Skara Brae Virtual Tour


Checkout this virtual tour of Skara Brae.

Dino Research


In Literacy, Year 4 have been researching, reporting on and even presenting their findings on dinosaurs over the last few weeks.


"A Beam of Sunlight"


Year 6 have been looking at poetry from the World War II period...


Mordechai Gebirtig, 1877-1942, was a cabinet-maker and one of the great Yiddish poets and songwriters of prewar and wartime Poland. He was shot by a guard while being unruly during the evacuation of Krakow. “A Beam of Sunlight” is one of thirteen "Ghetto Poems" that Gebirtig wrote during the German occupation. The "Ghetto Poems" were hidden and were recovered and taken to Israel after the war. 

A Moment Captured...

A bit grim... but fascinating!

Can you guess the decade? Or even the year?

What can you remember?

Birmingham Christmas From the Past


Year 1 Time Travelers 


Lovely Historical Enquiry in Year 1's Project work. Click here to see more.

Something for our Year 3s to possibly explore further...



What is a timeline? How do you make one? To help you understand, click here for a brief overview of a timeline, its uses and how to make one. 


AD and BC Explained (as well as CE and BCE)


Check out this short video to help better understand these historical terms.


Black History Month


Great to see all the year groups taking the time to focus on Black History Month.



For help or more information about History why not visit the BBC page? It's really fun and helpful.

Year 4’s Temples, Tombs and Treasures dress-up day – 15th Oct

Some fantastic History work on display...

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion