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Hi Year 2, 😄


We hope you are all safe and well. 🥰 Today is the start of a 3 day heatwave ☀️🥵💦 so it’s important we stay safe in the sun. 🌞 There’s a PowerPoint posted below with lots of information ℹ️ about sun ☀️ safety. Please have a read and keep safe in the sun. 🌞 


Your daily lessons are posted below and today we have included some extra challenges. 🌟


Remember, we would love 💓 to see photos 📷 of your home 🏠 learning so please 🙏🏼 keep sharing with us.


Enjoy your day, all. Stay happy 😆 and sun ☀️ safe! ❤️🌈

Lesson 2 - Compare Lengths

Remember to watch 👀 the video first!

🌟 Mastery Challenge 🌟

Lesson 2 - Comprehension

A video about comprehension and three activities to do at home. 🏡


RWI Phonics on their YouTube channel:

Lesson 2 - Edward Jenner Writing ✍🏾 

Using the writing frame provided or a piece of paper 📝 can you write about Edward Jenner? Why is he significant? What impact did he have? Watch 👁 the video again, to remind yourselves about his life and work. 🥼 We would love 💓 to see a photo 📷 of your work!

Listen 👂🏽 and/or read Chapter 12

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion