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Wednesday 3rd June


Morning Year 6! 

Hope you're all staying safe.


Today, check out BBC daily lessons for work on life cycles, fronted adverbials and converting decimals, percentages and fractions. Remember, if you want an extra challenge check out the year 7 lessons too.


Hopefully we will see some of you soon laugh

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good morning. We hope you are staying safe in this beautiful weather we are having. Today is the day of the Young Voices world record attempt for the biggest online choir so if you registered to be a part of this event don't forget to log on at 2pm this afternoon, Mrs O'Keeffe might see you there. 


Today's BBCBitesize lessons include work on fractions, character creation and fossil fuels. Mrs O'Keeffe will also be adding chapter 19 from David Walliams Slime.


Take care, stay safe and possibly see you soon,

The Year 6 Team. smiley

Monday 1st June

Hi year 6!

We hope you all had a lovely half term and are enjoying the sunshine!


Today, BBC daily lessons are back on. They include converting fractions into percentages, the Anglo-Saxons and synonyms and antonyms.


‘The Ickabog’ is a story written by J. K. Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter  books ) and she is publishing the book for free, in instalments. There will be a chapter (or two, or three) published over the next 7 weeks. 
She is also giving you the opportunity to illustrate ‘The Ickabog’ for her by entering a competition. The link is below: 



Today would have marked the end of your SATS and as we started the week with a poem we would like to mark today with another poem. Remember you may have missed them this year but they are not the be-all and end-all. You are much more than a test score!heart


SATs don't measure sports, SATs don't measure art,

SATs don't measure music, or the kindness in your heart.

SATs don't see your beauty, SATs don't know your worth,

SATs don't see the reasons you were put upon this earth.

SATs don't see your magic, how you make others smile,

SATs don't time how quickly you can run a mile.

SATs don't hear your laughter, or see you've come this far,

SATs are just a tiny glimpse of who you really are.


Remember SATs aren't who you are, remember you're the best.



So today, you should have been starting SATs, tests which you have all worked hard for this year! Even though SATs have been cancelled, all of us in Year 6 are incredibly proud of you! heart 

Today, instead of giving you ideas for work, we want to share a poem to celebrate how amazing you all are!


To our year 6's,


As SATs weeks arrives it is not quite the same, 

The tests that were printed this year never came,

The displays are still up, walls full of Maths 'rules',

But year 6 very different, at present, in schools.


For some of you, happiness, lots of relief,

For others a sigh of pure disbelief,

That you worked really hard in advance of this week,

Expected and Greater Depth marks you did seek.


Algebra, fractions, time tables drills,

Fact retrieval, skimming and scanning, all reading skills,

Passive, active and all the SPAG terms,

You've practised and mastered them over the years.


Fear not, although SATs will not happen this year,

Remember tests don't measure everything you learn,

Life at Timberley is varied, you've always tried your best,

And many of the skills you've gained can't be defined by a test.


So, here at Timberley, you've made us all proud,

We sit here with pride and we shout this out loud,

"Year 6, you amaze us, you've come incredibly far,

And we don't need a test to see how amazing you are!" 


Activities for VE day
Fun activities to do at home
UPDATE: Shazam has been on Scratch and created a game he would like to share with you all. Please join up so you can play his game and perhaps create your own for others to enjoy.

Shazam's Game

Still image for this video
His name is Shaz6868 on Scratch so you can search his name to play his games.
Would you like to be a world record holder? Then go to our music page under the curriculum tab and find out how you can.

30 Day Lego Challenge. Have fun!

Learning at home

Hello from the Year 6 Team.

Missing you guys already but remember to keep on learning.

To help you we have set work on Purple Mash and EducationCity. You have also taken home passwords for many other online learning platforms including TTR and Mathletics as well as books to read. There are many other activities that you can do such as baking, painting, listening to or creating your own music and keeping yourself active.


Here is a list of just a few online resources you may find helpful and interesting:

  • Hour of Code, which gives you the opportunity to learn computer science as well as nurture your problem-solving skills, logic and creativity.
  • Interlands, online safety games for KS2 children.
  • BBC Bitesize, lots of age-appropriate topics with activities and end of unit quizzes.
  • Spelling Frame, allows access to some free content including spelling lists and games for each year group.
  • Topmarks, provides resources to support all areas of the curriculum.
  • White Rose Hub, provides free maths resources including a problem of the day.


Hope to see you all soon. Keep safe and Keep learning!


Inspire Workshops


6P - Tuesday 11th February 2020

6B - Wednesday 12th February 2020

6K - Thursday 13th  February 2020

PE Lessons


PE kits should be in school EVERYDAY


At present, Year 6 PE lessons will be on a TUESDAY.  Please make sure all kit is named and remember that hair must be tied back and children cannot wear earrings during lessons.



Homework will be given out on a Friday and must be handed in on the following Wednesday.

Spellings will also be given out on a Wednesday ready for the test the following Monday.


Please ensure your child is completing both sets of homework and learning their spellings, as this is invaluable for them to access their tests at the end of the year.


Homework club is open to all year 6 children on a Wednesday 3.30-4.30 pm!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion