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Good morning everyone 🥰

Thank you so much for the super work we were sent last week and well done to the children who returned to school, you were all super sensible and worked so hard! We are really proud. 🌟💓


Today's lessons are:


Maths- Lesson 1- Ordering Numbers. 

I have attached the worksheet below, but remember to watch the video first 🥰

Or have a go at the BBC Bitesize lessons


Have a look at today's speed sound on the RWI youtube channel.

They are now also doing Hold a Sentence too!! We would love it if you could give those a try :). Send us your super sentences!


If you are looking for something a little bit different to do today, why not try the BBC Bitesize Lesson




 We are carrying on with our Waffle Challenges linked to flowers and insects 🕷 🐜 🐝 🌷 🌻

This week it is all about Bees 🐝 

 Today we have a music focus 🎵 



Flight of the Bumblebees-

BBC Bitesize-




Why not share Minibeast Poems. 

Minibeast Guided Reading using the free Oxford Owl site 🦉 

You will find the book at the Oxford Owl site and on the link: 

Please note that this book is a higher level so your child may need support - we picked it as it is a nice lift off to the learning you will be taking part in this week. 😃

Study the front cover with your child - what name would you give each minibeast and why? Can you describe each minibeast using a sentence? 🐌

Turn the page and ask your child to recap what a contents page is used for (following on from Friday's learning). Ask them to read the contents page to you. Check your child can use the contents page by asking them which poem is on page...? 🐛

Turn to page 2 and 3. Ask your child to point to the title and the author. Check they remember what the job of an author is. Ask your child to listen to the poem as you read it to them. Afterwards ask them the following: What are the wasps buzzing around? Why do the wasps think the orchard is theirs? Ask your child if they know what alliteration is? (Words which have the same sound at the start of words Wuzzy Wasps of Wasperton). Discuss if they enjoyed the poem and get them to explain why or why not. 🐝

Turn to page 4 and 5. Ask your child to read the poem to you. After reading this ask your child to find the rhyming words and jot them down. Can they think of any other words which rhyme with the ones they have? How does the little girl look like she is feeling in the illustration? Why do you think she feels that way? 🕷

Turn to page 6 and read to page 9. Listen to the audio for both poems. After listening to both poems ask them how they are similar and different (one poem is shorter, they are still about minibeasts, they all rhyme) What does Dad mean by 'ants in pants'? (The child cannot keep still!) 🐜

Turn to page 10 and 11. Read the poems to your child. How is a blue bottle described? What does the author mean by a buzz and a whizz? 🦋

On page 12 and 13 ask your child to read the poem. What does he see as he darts by? Would you like to visit him? Why/Why not? 🐞

Turn to page 14 and 15. What can they see in the pictures? Read the poem to your child whilst they listen. Ask your child to pick out the rhyming words and jot them down. Can they think of any other rhyming words? 🦟

Turn to the final page and enjoy reading the poem together. To finish the book ask them to choose their favourite minibeast and explain why. ⭐️

Enjoy ✨


Remember, we have have a special star section for any work that you send in, so please keep showing us what you've been up to we can't wait to see!! 🌟 

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion