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Happy 😊 Tuesday Year 2,


We hope you are all safe and well. 🥰 You may have noticed that we have added an extra lesson for you this week. If we were in school, it would be PHSE week so with this in mind 🧠 we have added some PHSE lessons for you. 

Your daily lessons are shared below. 👇 We hope you are enjoying your lessons, especially Project this week. What better time to celebrate 🎉 significant nurses from the past! Happy 72nd Anniversary to our fabulous NHS!


Have a good day, Year 2. Take care and stay alert. ❤️🌈


Lesson 2 - Temperature 🌡 


The worksheet is below 👇 but remember to watch 👁 the video first!

🌟 Mastery Challenge Cards 🌟

Lesson 2 - Description Words


RWI Phonics on their YouTube channel:

Lesson 2 - Mary Seacole 


Read 👀 through the PowerPoint presentation ‘Nurturing Nurses’ below. 👇🏾 Can you complete the Fact File on Mary Seacole? If you can’t print the sheet then why not make your own Fact File?

We would love 💓 to see a photo 📸 of your work! ☺️

Read through the PowerPoint presentation. Can you complete the activity booklet? You could always make up your own! 💓


Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion