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Storytime is timetabled for every year group throughout school. We feel it is important for children to enjoy a story at the end of a busy day. In Key Stage Two, teachers will chose texts from the Windows and Mirrors booklist, provided by Read Write Inc and the Recommended Reads for their year group. This ensures that children are being exposed to books that are age-appropriate and that books aren't being repeatedly studied across year groups. 


We are extremely lucky to have Miss Dunn, our librarian, who has a fantastic wealth of knowledge regarding children's literature. She is able to use children's interests and guide them to other authors that may engage them too!  



Talk Through Stories


From September 2023, we will be introducing the use of RWI's Talk Through Stories. We know that reading to children benefits them in a whole host of ways- they are being exposed to how books work, the voices that can be used, the vocabulary, the grammatical structures, the way authors choose to present the writing, alongside so many other ways. This is why we have chosen to use Talk Through Stories in across school. We have created a 'Super Six' book list for Reception to Year 2 for each term. These are the books that children will be studying in their story time. Each book lasts for a week- this allows teachers the freedom to also read books of interest to the children each half term, as we know that there is an endless list of fantastic literature that we want our children to be exposed to. During the week, the children will be really unpicking the story through a range of discussions and activities. In Nursery 1 and Nursery 2, we will be asking teachers to use books that are appropriate from the Talk Through Stories list to read and unpick at the level of the their children. 


When teachers are choosing books to read with their classes outside of the Literary Cannon and the Talk Through Stories list, we ask them to consider books from the Windows and Mirrors book list from RWI, as well as the Recommended Reads from Books for Topics, that are regularly updated. We want to create an environment whereby children are exposed to a whole range of books that are diverse and cultural, and allow each child to see themselves in, or through, texts. 

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion