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17.7.2020  🌞🌼🌸🌞🌼🌸🌞🌼🌸🌞🌼🌸


It’s Friday! Not just any Friday. It’s the LAST day of the school 🏫 year Friday! 🥳 You did it! Well done 👍 to each and every one of you. 🥰 It has been the strangest of school 🏫 years. 🥺 


Your lessons are shared below 👇 and today we have added a few extra things for you to enjoy 😊 over the summer. ☀️ There’s also some preparation work for coming back to school 🏫 and for Year 3! 

Maybe you’d like to sign up for the ‘Summer Reading Challenge 2020’ - the link is below. 👇


Whatever you are doing this summer, 🌞 ENJOY! Play, dance, laugh 😂 lots, relax and have fun. Most importantly, stay safe and happy! ❤️🌈


We can’t wait to see in in September - we’ve missed you all so much! Have the BEST summer break - you deserve it! 🥰


From all of the staff in Year 2 😆 - see you soon. 😉

Lesson 5 - Bitesize Daily Book 📖 Club: Write To Your Favourite Author 📝


RWI Phonics on their YouTube channel:

Summer 🌼 English Activity Booklet

Think 💭 about all the things that make you special. We know there are lots of things! 💓 Then complete the ‘I Am Special Shield’ 🛡- if you can’t print the sheet then you could draw your own! We would love 💕 to see a photo of your ‘Special Shield’ 🛡👍 before we break up for the summer. 🌞

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion