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Well done to all of the children that have taken part in this battle. It has definitely kept us teachers busy and we have enjoyed having this battle with you. We had 4 children in Year 4, finishing in the top 6 of the leader board from the whole school, which is fantastic!!! So a massive well done to Mia M (2nd) Kaiden (3rd) David (4th) and Nariah (6th) - we are so proud of you and you should be very proud of yourselves yessmiley


Also, a massive well done to Latisha, who finished 12th in the leader board, that is a fantastic achievement!


Thank you to all the other children that took part in this battle: Tristan, Tymon, Mia A, Roderick, Mason W, Hollie S, Eva, Chanay, Nathan, Jelani, Jaiden, Shay, Shye, Niamh, Chloe, Jamie - keep up the good work.

A massive thanks to Kaiden and Harry, who joined us this afternoon on TTRS. We had a lot of fun  yessmiley

Make sure you keep checking our class page to see when we’ll be on again. 

We have sent you all a rock slam on TTRS. Log in and see if you can beat your teachers' score. Then tomorrow (Tuesday 28th), why not join us in Arena from 1pm till 2pm for some times table fun!

Last week, there was a boys vs girls battle. Well done to the boys for winning this battle!

Also, a massive well done to these children who participated and contributed to the score. So, well done to; David, Caitlin, Kaiden, Nariah, Alexia, Shay, Tayah, Jace, Latisha, Chanay, Tymon, Saraya, Rashae, Isabelle, Peyton, Paul, Ryan, Lacie, Tristan, Maya, Tiarnah and Archie 


Look out for the next battle... Coming very soon!!!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion