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If your child is absent from school for any reason then home learning will look a bit different to before the holiday. Children will need all of their logons to the different programs we have

in school, but most importantly their login to their email, which was sent out at the beginning of September.  If you do not have this login and your child is off school then please contact the school office.


You will find the link to the home learning on the school website under the ‘children’ tab or check out the quick links at the bottom of this page.



Children can then select the LAUNCH tile to be redirected to the Timberley Launch home learning\email platform.




Children will then need to log in using their email address and password supplied by their class teacher.

You will then be presented with the Launch page. Here you will find a group of application tiles. Each year groups Launch page will differ slightly however it will look something like the year 3 example below.



Along with a range of other useful applications and resources, you will notice the following tiles:

  • my files\shared files
  • j2homework
  • j2message
  • Year Group Home Learning



My Files
Here your child can create, upload, view & share their work with their class and\or teachers.


Shared files
Here your child can view, edit and save any files shared to them by their teachers or classmates.


This is where the class teacher will set homework for your child to complete.


An eSafe, instant messaging platform for children to safely communicate with teachers and classmates about topics and work set for them. Your child will be able to ask their teachers directly for help or support with set work. Class teachers may also make announcements, send class reminders and give feedback to classes or individuals about their work.


Year Group Home Learning Folder
This is where class teachers will place links to websites and resources that are relevant to what your child will be learning about. This area will be updated on a regular basis.


Quick Links:
Timberley Home Learning

Entrust Launch - Homework\Home Learning and email platform.


Purple Mash


Numbots - (uses TTRockstars login credentials)


Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion