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DT ideas

  • Use construction materials to make a model of a famous building (e.g. the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum or an Egyptian pyramid.).
  • Use folded paper or card to make a bridge that spans a gap. How much weight will it be able to hold?
  • Use junk materials to build a car that could transport a small toy from one place to another.
  • Make some shadow puppets and use them to tell a story.
  • Use craft items or construction toys to make a vehicle that can travel along the floor or down a slope. Challenge a friend to a race!
  • Build a den and have a picnic or read a story inside it!
  • Design some clothes for your favourite toy. Could you sew together a costume for them?

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion