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Our ICT topic

This half term our ICT topic is called DIGITAL EXPLORATION. 


We have been using Google Safe Search to access different web sites in order to research information.  As our next Big Write is explaining about the different climate zones, we have been using the internet to collect information.  Our tasks include typing in a web address and then saving this to our favourites tab.  We have also loaded a web page and scanned the page to find answers to questions.


Now we are creating a power point about climate zones.  We accessed a website and used the copy and paste function to transfer information to our power point.  Remember that to copy text you need to highlight it with your mouse then use Ctrl and c to copy it.  To paste it you can either use Ctrl and  v or use the Paste button. 


**When we save work at school we have a special area for children's work.  This is called the Common Drive.  To save your work go to File > Save As > Common > Year 3 ICT 2015

Remember to give your work a name so that you can find it again!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion