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A bookish little dinosaur...

There's nothing more the 5ers love than using a big, juicy WOW word in their writing.
Often we'll see the children grab a Thesaurus off the shelf to see if they can find a word that will absolutely knock the socks off anyone reading their work.

That's why I was so pleased to have Georgina tell me of this poem she found in one of her favourite poetry books:

This bookish little dinosaur,
Of synonyms is king.
If you were to say rope to him,
He'd come right back with string.

I've tried to stump him once or twice,
With something quite bizarre.
I shouted fish eggs at him once -
He countered Caviar.

Theo is friends with everyone,
But writers love him most.
He always finds the perfect word,
So they can catch the post.

He's still alive and well, you know,
Resting there on the shelf,
So why not dust him down a bit
And introduce yourself?
Author: Karen Costello-McFeat
 Thanks Georgina!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion