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Timberley Academy


Spring 1


This half term we have started our new project, Buildings!


During our entry point lesson, we enjoyed making our own buildings, using a variety of materials! We built houses out of Lego, towers out of cards and tents using straws!


So far we have explored the difference between natural and human made materials, we have tested out materials to see which are the strongest and we have made bridges in the classroom.



Autumn 2


This half term our project has been Superhumans!


We have explored the human body, identifying body parts and learning about their roles. We have also developed our knowledge of the 5 senses, using our ears to hear different sounds, using our tongues to taste different flavours and understanding more about our eyes at the importance of sight. We had a great lesson on Braille and learnt how to form our names in Braille!


It's been great fun!

Autumn 1


Our first project in Year 2 has been Media Magic!


We enjoyed a film afternoon with popcorn for our Entry point!


This project has allowed us to explore the different ways in which we can communicate through media. We have listened to different music and learnt how it sets the tone of a scene. We have designed our own characters and commented on different works of art!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion