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Year 3

Picture 1 Mr Brennan - Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Nicklin - Class Teacher
Picture 3 Miss Morris - Class Teacher
Picture 4 Miss McCann - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Mrs Jennings - Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Miss Newman - Teaching Assistant
Picture 7 Miss Rayner - Inclusion Assistant
Picture 8 Miss Ahmed - Inclusion Assistant
Picture 9 Mrs Adams - Inclusion Assistant



For maths, we've been looking at sharing in Year 3 this week so thought it only wise that we 'share' out some crisps!


First we wrote a plan as to how to do it in tables, i.e. counting the children, counting the crisps and then sharing them out equally. Then, we did it for real!!!


What happened to the crisps after the lesson? Nobody knows... they mysteriously disappeared.








Well done to Sasha. She came up with the bright idea of taking her timestable 50 Club tests home each day to practise with and guess what's happened...


Sasha has made fantastic progress in her 50 Clubs!!!!


Super Star Sasha


Hopefully more Year 3s will follow your lead (hint, hint).


Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion