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Welcome to Nursery!


If you are interested in your child attending our nursery, please pop to the school office to complete an application form.

We offer places for children the term after they turn three years old and so are  entitled to 15 hours free nursery education. Entitlement is offered in the form of five mornings or five afternoons. If you do apply for a place, please ensure that you clearly mark your preference of mornings or afternoons (see attachment below).

Our morning sessions are 8.30am - 11.30am and our afternoon sessions are          12.30pm - 3.30pm.

Should you wish to find out more information about nursery, do come and speak to a member of the nursery staff.







Healthy Eating smiley

This week, the Life Education Caravan has visited school. We have all been inside the caravan to meet Harold the giraffe and learn about the things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. We know we need to eat fruit and vegetables, drink milk and water and try to do some exercise every day! Harold also showed us how to brush our teeth, wash ourselves and make sure we get lots of sleep too. Harold said he knows cakes, chocolates and sweets are yummy but to try and eat only a little bit of those and we will be super healthy and strong! smiley

Mmmmm something smells nice!

As part of our focus on dinosaurs, this week the children have made dinosaur biscuits. We used caster sugar, butter, eggs and flour and mixed it all together. Then, we rolled out the dough, used cutters to make our biscuits and cooked them in the oven. The smell throughout Nursery was DELICIOUS!!! When they had cooled, we decorated them, then took them home to munch them! Yummy!smileysmiley         




Something is peeping.........


They're hatching!!!!!

We came into Nursery today to see.......our eggs are beginning to hatch! The animal inside the egg from the Duck Family Group can't wait to see us and is pushing its way out! The other eggs are cracking too! 





Oh my goodness!!

When we came into Nursery today we could see that our eggs were very slowly beginning to crack! How exciting! How much longer will we have to wait?? Keep watching to see what happens next!!


Tiddly Tadpoles!

Nursery is also the home for some very tiddly tadpoles that we hope will get bigger and bigger until they grow into frogs! The children have had a great time looking at them swimming about and we are taking good care of them by feeding them and keeping their water clean. We will be watching carefully to spot when their legs begin to grow!


Mystery arrivals in Nursery!

Yesterday something strange and exciting happened in Nursery when Mrs Caswell found some large eggs that had been laid in a nest. She brought them in for us to look at and talk about which animals could have laid them. The children had lots of different ideas; a chicken, penguin, snake, duck, crocodile, dinosaur, even a pony! We held the eggs carefully and talked about what the eggs felt like and if we could hear anything. Some children could hear the eggs cracking! We have put the eggs in some water to keep them safe and will keep watch to see what hatches.




Two Nursery children were chosen on World Book Day as having the best costumes. One of the children came as Peter Rabbit and the other as Peter Pan. Well done to them - they have each won a fabulous book!

Well done - a prizewinner!

Reading is GREAT!smiley

During Literacy Week, the Nursery children have been listening to stories by the fantastic Julia Donaldson. She is a brilliant author who has written so many great stories - we have read Superworm, The Scarecrows Wedding, A Squash and a Squeeze, Stick Man. Monkey Puzzle, Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, The Snail and the Whale. WOW! what a lot of amazing stories to listen to!! Some of the children chose Julia Donaldson story sacks to take home this week too. Today (Friday) we dressed up as Book Characters to celebrate World Book Day - take a look at some of our photographs. What a great week!! no



For the last few weeks the Nursery children have been learning a variety of Makaton signs. These are to support the children's speech and language development and they LOVE them! They are all excellent at remembering the signs and using them in Nursery - some children are also going home and teaching them to their parents too! So far the children have learnt to sign approximately 25 words and they are eager for more - frequently asking members of staff "What's the sign for....?". We even included some signs in our Christmas production! To further support the children's use of the signs at home, a sheet with the signs being learnt that week will be available for parents to take home if they wish. These will be displayed in the Nursery and Playgroup entrance hall - please feel free to take one home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Nursery team.

5,4,3,2,1,BLAST OFF!

The children in Nursery are have a great time learning about space! They are able to dress up as astronauts or an alien - a friendly one we hope! - and fly to the moon and beyond! We have listened to a selection of space stories, read space books and made fabulous collage pictures of Tim Peake and his rocket. We even have all the planets in our room! We have also done some super writing about where we would all fly to if we could be an astronaut one day!


Compliments Tree

Our PGCE student Miss Tranter and the Nursery children, have made a fantastic Compliments tree. All of the children thought of something kind they could say about their friends, then drew a picture. This was then put onto a leaf and added to the tree branches. As you can see it looks AMAZING! It is displayed in the Nursery and Playgroup entrance hall so make sure you look for your child's leaf when you collect them.



All the Nursery staff would like to wish our lovely children and their families, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy and peaceful New Year. We are sure Father Christmas will bring you all lots of lovely presents! We will see you all again on Tuesday 5th January! smiley

PARTY......and a VERY special visitor!!

We have all had a super festive day in Nursery today! We all wore our Christmas jumpers and our party clothes.Then we played Pass the Parcel - we had to wait very patiently for our turn! Everyone won a lollipop and 3 children were lucky enough to win a special prize! Well done to them. Then, Father Christmas came to visit and gave everyone a present - we must all have been very good this year! What a super day! smileysmiley


This week we have been cooking some delicious cakes - the scrummy smell has made our tummies rumble! We have decorated them so they look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - icing for his eyes and smiley mouth, a red jelly tot for his nose and a Curly Wurley for his antlers. We can't wait to eat them! smiley




A HUGE WELL DONE to all the Nursery children who sang so beautifully yesterday for our Christmas Sing Song. They sang all the words, along with the Makaton signs, to our favourite Christmas songs. A BIG thank you also to everyone that came along - we hope you enjoyed it. The DVD's of each performance are now available to buy for £2 from the school office.

A huge thank you from Pudsey!!

Well done and thank you to all the Nursery children that wore their own clothes or dressed as SUPERHEROES today. All of your very kind donations will be passed straight on to Pudsey to help make poorly children feel better. Thank you!

A BIG thank you!

Thank you very much to all the Moms, Dads, Nannys, Grandads, Aunts, Uncles, brothers and sisters, that came to our Inspire Workshop yesterday. We - the teachers and especially the children - really appreciate you all giving up your time to come into school with us. The children (and adults!) really enjoyed making their Build a Shape House game, that will support their learning about shapes and understanding that shapes are all around us and not just in school! Take a look at our photographs and see if you can spot yourself! Thank you again.smiley 

Christmas Sing Song!

The Nursery Christmas performances will be on Tuesday 8th December. There will be a performance in both the morning and afternoon - we will advise you of the times nearer the time. Everyone is welcome and the children will shortly begin learning our Christmas songs ready to impress you all! See you there! smiley


Visitors in Nursery!

To celebrate Bonfire Night, we had 2 visitors to our Nursery. Mr and Mrs Guy Fawkes came to see all our children and really enjoyed playing, singing and listening to The Gruffalo story. They were always showing their kind hands, good sitting and good listening just like all of the children!

Take a look at our picture as we 'made them' welcome! smiley

Timberley Farm

Last week we visited our farm to look at the animals. We gave them some of our left over fruit, talked about what they looked like and where they lived. We really enjoyed it and we think the animals did too! smiley

Inspire Workshop

Nursery's Inspire workshop will be on Tuesday 10th November. The workshop will have a maths theme this year and EVERYONE is welcome! The morning session will begin at 9.00am and the afternoon session at 1.00pm. Our workshops are a great opportunity for you to have a fun time making a maths game with your child that you can take home and chat to other parents. We will even throw in a cup of tea or coffee! Moms, Dads, Aunties, Uncles or Grandparents can come along but an adult must attend so your child can take part. All children have now had a letter about the workshop, please return the consent slip as soon as possible.


The Nursery Inspire Workshop will take place on Tuesday, 10th November. There will be both a morning and afternoon session. This will be an opportunity for you to have a fun time working with your child in school to make a game for you to take home. Further details will be given nearer the time.

Welcome to Nursery!

We would like to say a big HELLO to all of our children and their parents, both those that are new to Timberley and those that have come back to us. All of our children have now started Nursery and are settling in well and making lots of new friends. Take a look at our photographs to see the fun we have smiley


Welcome to Nursery!


We look forward to welcoming our children and parents for a fantastic year in Nursery!  frown

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion