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Art Lesson wc8th June

Art ideas

  • Look in the mirror and draw a self-portrait.
  • Create a portrait of a different person or a pet. You can use a picture of them if they won’t sit still for long enough.
  • Draw or paint a landscape picture (showing the view out of your window).
  • Produce a ‘still life’ picture that shows a bowl of fruit, a collection of your favourite toys or some other objects.
  • Think about your favourite book and design a new cover for it.
  • Design a superhero. What special powers will they have and how might they help people?
  • Create some pictures of animals using fingerprint painting!
  • Use objects from nature to create a picture. Could you take a photo of your work?
  • Find some rocks and paint them!
  • Play ‘Pictionary’. Draw a picture that represents your favourite book or movie (without using any words) and ask somebody else to guess what you are drawing.
  • Draw a picture without taking your pencil off the page.
  • Draw a new illustration for a book. Will you keep it in the same style, or try something else?
  • Make a doodle drawing. Doodle a random shape onto a page, then turn it into an animal or object.
  • Make your own card game. This could be a simple game of ‘Snap’, ‘Matching Pairs’ or a ‘Top Trumps’ style game.
  • Design a home for your favourite movie or book character.
  • Invent a machine that would improve your life in some way.

Antony Gormley: Angel of the North

Read through the powerpoint to discover more about Anthony Gormley. Perhaps you could make a 3D sculpture yourself!

Alberto Giacometti

Read through the powerpoint to learn more about the artist and his art work. Then click on the weblink to join an art lesson in the style of Giacometti

Art John

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion