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The '5ers' Debate!!!

On Wednesday the '5ers' went to the Council House in Birmingham and Josiah had the most important role of being the Lord Mayor and sitting in one of the most influencial positions of the day....THE BIG CHAIR!

One of our first jobs, was to decide how to change a lightbulb from the ginormous, golden chandelier.

We had guesses such as:

Using voice recognition;
very tall ladders;
using a crane;
using a step ladder and
jumping on a trampoline to reach!

But the real solution to changing one of the lightbulbs was to wind the chandelier down. Joyante showed his maths skills by working out the puzzle of how long it would take.

Puzzle: It takes 15 minutes to get it down, twice as long to get back up and a minute to change. How long in total?

Joyante, with his sharp mental maths skills answered in 2 seconds with 46 minutes. Wow!

As well as learning about the building itself, the children had the incredible opportunity to sit in the seats of councellors and use their microphones to involve themselves in a debate about the length of school holidays.

Luckily the motion to shorten holidays was not passed. Phew!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion