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Timberley Academy In Year Admissions



Admissions Criteria


Please note this is the criteria we follow when selecting children for class places.


Child with SEND (Special Educational Needs)  


1) Children in care or looked after


2) Children with siblings who attend Timberley Academy


3) Children who attended our Nursery


4) Children of members of staff


5) Distance from child’s home to school


In Year Applications


Throughout the academic year parents/carers may wish for their child to transfer school. If for you would like to transfer your child to Timberley Academy, applications can be made at the school office or forms may be downloaded off the school website

( All forms must be returned to school as soon as possible. If you are sending the forms via post please address them to:


Timberley Academy Admissions

Bradley Road

Shard End


B34 7RL


Once the forms have been returned your child will be placed on our waiting list, in accordance with the Academy’s admission criteria. If a place is available and there is no one on our waiting list or you are at the top of the list due to your circumstances, then we will contact you immediately to offer the place.  Parents/carers have the right to decline offers. At any time during the year parents/carers are more than welcome to contact the school office on 0121 464 2002 to enquire about places or where their child may be on the waiting list.


If you would like a tour of the school before applying or at any time, please feel free to contact the school and there will be someone available to show you around.


Leaving Timberley Academy

If for any reason you are taking your child out of Timberley Academy and starting them at another school, please inform the Academy immediately. For safeguarding reasons, we must be aware of why children are not attending school, if they have left and which school they will be attending. If we are not aware of your child’s location and they have been absent from Timberley Academy for 21 school days we will take your child off our system and register them as missing to Birmingham City Council, who will then investigate.



Timberley Academy – Throughout this document the terms ‘Timberley Academy’ and ‘the academy’ refer only to the Academy school on Bradley Road Shard End Birmingham B34 7RL. Timberley Academy acts as its own admissions authority.




Brothers and sisters living at the same address as the child for whom the application is being made. This includes half brothers and sisters, step brothers and sisters who live at the same address and are connected directly to the parent.


Geographic Information System


The Geographic Information System (GIS) refers to the computer

software by which straight line distance measurements are calculated from the Academy’s front gate on Bradley Road to the home postcode of applicants. Such measurements are used to place pupils in the correct place on our waiting list, in regards to the admissions criteria.




Parents who wish to appeal against the decision of the governors to refuse their child a place in the school may apply in writing to Chair of Governors. Appeals will be heard by an independent panel.

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