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Have a go at some of these FREE activities from the Literacy Shed.  There is a short video clip for each task and then a selection of tasks to go with it.  Have fun!
Create some descriptions of different settings by thinking about what you can see and hear.  
  • Remember to keep reading your reading books at home!


Practise the spellings of the common exception words. 

  • Try using pyramid writing, dotty writing, rainbow writing or vowel bubble writing? 
  • Try and use each word in a sentence or create a mini dictionary and write the definition of each word.
  • Why not test someone else at home to see how good their spelling is?!

The Year 1 - 6 common exception words can be found in the Literacy section. 


Miss Harris's Literacy group - You have worked really hard on our mystery stories. 

  • Why not write a new episode where Katie and Adil help to solve another crime?  Think about where this could take place, what could stolen and how they solve the crime.  Remember to include some red herrings!


Miss Duggan and Miss Merriman's groups - Your last episode of Frag and Gala's adventures were brilliant.

  •  Why not write a new adventure for them to go on?  Think about the planet they could visit, what is it like there?  What can they see, hear, small and touch?  Is there a ferocious creature they have to battle ?

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion