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This year we will be teaching many of our subjects through an exciting themed project.  Our first project this year is called 'Brainwaves!' and is based on how the brain works and how our brains are used for learning.


This project will cover a range of subjects including history, geography, music and art.  We are really looking forward to sharing our exciting lessons with everyone!


Well done to those children who have already completed extra research into the brain! I wonder who can tell us the most fascinating brain this space and find out!

The children have worked well in small groups to create their own presentation informing others about all the information they have learnt about the brain. These presentation posters have then been used as part of our classroom displays. Well done everyone!

In today's lesson the children have been learning about how the brain is able to store information into their long term memory. They have also learnt different techniques that could help them with remembering information themselves. I many techniques can they remember?

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion