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Super Learning

🌟 James Working Hard 🌟

James could not wait to get started on his new home 🏡 learning pack - we are glad you are enjoying 😉 it! He is even using pasta shells 🐚 to help with the equations! What a brilliant idea! 💡 Thank you 🙏🏼 for sharing with us. It is so lovely 😊 to hear from you. Well done James,👏 we are very proud of you! 🥰

Harry’s Marvellous Maths Work 🌟

Thank you 😊 for sharing a picture of you working so hard! It’s lovely ☺️ to see you working hard on your Maths work. We have really missed your smiling face, Harry. 🥰

Queen 👸 Elizabeth I Work - Octopus 🐙 Bubble

Super Learning 🌟 From the Octopus 🐙 Bubble

Justin has been a very busy bee 🐝 this week! 🤩

Well done, 👍🏽 Justin! We are very proud of your hard work 😓 this week. You have been busy. 🌟 Thank you 🙏🏼 for sharing your wonderful work with us! 🥰 It’s great to hear 👂🏾 you have read Fantastic Mr Fox 🦊 TWICE this week! 🤩 📖 

🌟 Lewis E’s Excellent English 🌟

Lewis E’s Super 🤩 Maths Work 🤩

Wow! 🤩 Lewis, you have been working so hard at home! 🏡 This is amazing 😉 and thank you ☺️ so much for sharing your work with us. We are very proud of you. 🥰

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion