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Check out some of these websites for some Science fun enlightened


- Ogden Trust resources - for example Phizzi Problem solving, Phizzi practicals etc

- Marvin and Milo experiments -

- Science Museum resources - eg Rocket mice etc -

- 101 experiments on Sublime science site -

- ASE great bug hunt (fun whether competition runs or not?) -

- Science Sparks -

- WhizzPopBang magazine - - maybe now's the time to get some back issues!

- BP resources -

- Twinkl's Coronavirus support pages for parents -

- 100 activities from the Scout Association -

Shadow drawing

Move your objects/animals closer to the sun. Do your shadows get bigger or smaller?

Make it freeze

*Check with an adult first*

What you will need:

  • ice cube tray 
  • different liquids (water, salt water, milk, chocolate sauce, honey, oil, vinegar, washing up liquid, etc)
  • freezer

How will you make this a fair test?

- same amount of liquid


How often will you check?

- every hour?

- every day?

Did they all freeze?

Why did some liquids not freeze? 
Why did they freeze at different times?


Try and record your results in a table and plot the results on a graph. Have fun! 😃

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion