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Your wonderful work!

We have now entered our summer term and as you can see we have a timetable that we can follow. So if you complete any of the tasks we have set, then please email us so we can see your wonderful work.

Our plants after 5 days.

Carrying out a fair test to find the best plant growth conditions.

Rainforest plants using watercolours and/or oil pastels

Looking for different types of leaves with the help from Mr Ball.

Exploring and observing how water travels through plants.

David, Naomi, Hollie S and Archie A are turning into fantastic coders!

Rainforest animal fact files

Sophia's lovely poem

Classifying animals

Maya has been working super hard at home. This is a lot of fantastic work. Well done Maya!

Tribal face masks

Billy's tribal face mask

Super coding by David!

Rashae, Hollie and Callum's coding on 2Code - Purple Mash

A massive well done to Archie A, who has persevered with our coding activities!

Coding by Archie C and Joey

Naomi’s advert for rainforest fruit and vegetables

Naomi’s palm oil poster

Naomi's Rainforest Poem

Well done Naomi. Your poem is amazing. You have used alliteration and rhyme and explained the rainforest beautifully. 

IPC - Sound/vibrations

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Peyton's Literacy/Grammar work (features of a newspaper report/Inverted commas)

A variety of work from Billy today

Paul’s RE work

Thank you for sharing this with us Paul. It was an interesting read, and even I have learnt something, so thank you. Lovely neat handwriting too. Keep up the good work. 

Naomi’s super shadow work from our project lesson

Seeing your faces and what you have been up to really makes us smile. Keep up the good work. smiley

Email us any pictures of any activities that you have been doing at home so we can show off just how amazing you all are.


Love Miss Melvin, Miss Mills and Miss Siggers x

Saraya’s marvellous maths

A fantastic whizzing, phizzing, sizzling poem about The Witches by Nariah

A lovely poem made by Walnel, Riley, Sophia, Maise, Tristan and of course Miss Mills 🌈

Rashae’s story 👍🏼

Water cycles, sundials, rocky road and rock painting fun with Alexia, Maise, Walnel and Tristan

Ava’s super rainforest

Chloe's new kitten

Harry's shadow drawing

Well done Harry! It's nice to see that you are making the most of the sunshine by creating some shadow drawings. Do your shadows get bigger or smaller if you move your objects closer to the sun?

Super work on Purple Mash

It has been lovely going through all your work on Purple Mash. You have completed so many different activities but above is a slideshow of a colour poem by Mia A, a variety of emotion faces and festival colouring. So well done to Lilly P, Kaiden, Hollie S, David, Niamh, Naomi, Jace, Tayah, Mia A and Archie A.

Saraya’s super story 📝

Well done Saraya, a fantastic story. You’ve included some fun characters, lots of descriptive language and a range of punctuation. Keep up the good work smiley
We just want to say well done to the children who are completing activities online, including the tests on Planet BOFA. They are very tricky so well done to Chanay, Naomi, Hollie and Maya who keep persevering and making progress. You are all superstars smileyyes

Amazing rainforests by Mia, Kaiden and Billy

Marvellous Maths by Kaiden

Amazing Art by Theo

Billy's Amazing Artwork

It is lovely to see that Billy has been keeping busy doing literacy, maths, den building, garden maintenance, learning a new skill (how to play chess) and using you tube for drawing tutorials. 

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion