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For all our children – whilst with us and throughout their lives – to be inspired and fascinated with the world, feeling confident, knowledgeable and skilled to further explore their curiosity for the immediate and wider environments, further understanding the Earth, its interconnections, people and changing features.

Local Area Week

What a week it’s been throughout the school! The children have loved having the opportunity to focus on the local area, both past and present.


We’ve looked at the history and geography of the surrounding area, including the area’s involvement and contribution to WWII, mapping out and locating features and buildings, looking through maps over time and seeing how and why land use has changed – and so much more!



Do you know about "rewilding"?

Find out more here.


Frosty Focus

Wondrous Weather

Making Comparisons

A part of our Get Set Go morning activities, the children have been completing some Geography-based activities. For this one, children were asked to draw a picture of someone fishing. We then learnt about fishing in the River Gel, Sudan. The children were surprised by how different it is over there. 

Zayne - "The water seems dirtier and not as deep. They also don't have fishing rods."


What do you know about... the United Kingdom?

Year 3 - Volcanoes


Great to see the Year 3s researching and reporting on their volcanoes. Visit the Year 3 Class Page for more information and pictures.


Continents and Oceans


Why not test your continents and oceans knowledge with this fun interactive website.


Google Earth Basics Tutorial

Learn the basics of using Google Earth, including how to "fly" around the globe, how to use the mouse controls, how to turn layers on and off and what the la...

Why not visit the websites below for some extra help with Geography?




Some fantastic Geography work on display...

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion