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Timberley Academy operates stay and play sessions, Nursery 1 for 2-3 year olds, Nursery 2 for 3-4 year olds and three reception classes.

We aim to provide high quality care and education for children up to the age of five. All children feel included, secure and valued. No child should feel excluded or disadvantaged due to his or her race, culture or religion, home language, family background, special educational need, disability, gender or ability. Children, parents and staff all work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


This web page outlines the different areas of learning in the Foundation Stage as well as suggesting some ideas for you to help your child at home.


There are seven areas of learning. Click below to find out more about these areas:


What will Timberley do?


  • Throughout your child's time in the Foundation Stage, they will be given lots of opportunities to play and explore in a safe and secure learning environment. Staff will plan activities/experiences around the needs and interests of the children.


  • We will have open days so parents can see some of the activities and experiences their child will have when they come to Nursery.


  • Home visits are an opportunity for you to share the valuable knowledge you have about your child with staff in an informal way. You can let us know about any medical needs/requirements your child may have. We will answer any questions or queries you have to put your mind at ease. This is a great way to begin the positive relationships we envisage at Timberley.


  • We aim to keep you informed about your child’s learning formally (at parents evenings) and informally. Parents evening is an opportunity to discuss, with your child’s key person or class teacher, the progress they are making. If your child is in Nursery 1, you will receive a written progress summary about how your child is developing, giving you information about their personal, social and emotional development, communication and language and their physical development.


  • At the end of Nursery 2 and Reception , you will receive a written report informing you of your child's progress through the seven areas of learning.




What can you do?


  • Please have a look at your child's learning journal. this gives you a snapshot about what your child can do, what they enjoy, what the next steps are in their learning and how they learn.


  • Tell us about any 'WOW' moments your child has at home, for example, sleeping through the night, having a go at writing their name independently or doing their own zip up. Remember, you are your child's first teacher.


  • Talk to your key worker, family group leader or class teacher about how you feel your child is learning and developing.


  • Please be patient when waiting to collect your child. It is very important for us to make sure that  children goes home with the correct parent/carer. If you are going to be late or not collecting that day, please tell a member of staff and provide details of who will be collecting your child.





At Timberley, we offer part time places for 2 to 3 year olds (Nursery 1) and part time places for 3 to 4 year olds (Nursery2). We aim to provide high quality care and education for children. If you would like your child to attend our setting, please complete an application form and return it to the school office.

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