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Reach for the Stars!

Welcome back, Reception! We are so excited for this half term as our project is 'out of this world'. We are learning all about Space. We have talked to the children all about the things they know already and the things they would like to find out and any questions they may have. We have had some fantastic answers, with lots of children knowing so much about Space already!
What we know:

- "We live on planet Earth."
- "There isn't any gravity in space, so they just float around."
- "You can't eat food in space, because you have to wear a helmet so you can breathe."

What we would like to find out:
- "Can we live on other planets."
- "Can we look after Earth?"

- "Where do Aliens live?"
- "How do Astronauts live in their rocket?"


We are here to find out all these answers together, by researching and exploring and investigating. At home, if you complete any investigations or have any fabulous discussions about Space, put them onto Evidence Me so we can share them with the class. 




Welcome Back :)


Welcome back to school, Reception! We are so happy to see you all back in our classrooms, ready to learn, play and be with all of our friends. It is so lovely to see everybody together again and this week we are really going to focus on playing with our friends and engaging in our learning, getting back into our daily routines and thinking about what make us all so special and what we are excited about for the future weeks at school!

Our project this half term is all about Fairytales and Traditional Tales. We are talking all about our favourite stories and the books we have enjoyed reading. This week is Jack and the Beanstalk, where we are learning all about the different characters and how the story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Remember, if you do any work at home, around our projects or anything you would like to share, you can still upload this to Evidence Me so we can add this to your learning journal. We know that our learning journeys are both at home and at school so it is lovely when we share our learning with each other!


We have been working so hard to keep our school as safe as we can and Mrs Harris and all of the senior leadership team have put lots of information out on the school newsletter and information on our school website to keep you updated of any changes made to our school day. Please keep updated with our newsletter, text messages and on our Timberley website to find out about any exciting news within our school community!


We are so proud of each and everyone of you for all your amazing work during remote learning and we are so, so happy that you are all back!

Reception Team :D

Monday 1st March 2021


Hi Reception, we hope you’re all well. ☺️


We want to say a big well done 👍 to all of the children who have been going on our home learning platform and having a go at the activities that are on there and a big thank you to those of you who have sent us completed work, photos and videos too! We love being able to see what you’re all doing. Don’t forget to keep an eye open in your e.mails for your invitations to our Teams Meetings too, it would be great if more of you could join us! We would love to have a chat with you and see your lovely smiles again. 😊


Now this week our story is ‘Little Red Riding Hood so we just wanted to share a few activities with you on here that you might like to try and to remind you to look on our home learning j2e platform for many more exciting things to do. 🤗


You could make your own paper plate Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood characters, take a look at the pictures below. You could use these to retell the story in your own words. Why not get your grown up to video you and send it to us, we’d love to hear you telling the story. 📚


You could design your own picnic or snack to take to Grandma’s house, what would you take in your basket? 🧺 You could even make your own cakes to take to Grandma, what do you need to make cakes? Why not see if you can write a shopping list for the cake ingredients. 📝 🧁


You could use toy bricks, Lego, building blocks and create a maze for Little Red Riding Hood, see if she can beat the wolf around your maze! 🧱 🐺


We hope you have an amazing week Reception, keep up the hard work, you’re all doing a brilliant job! 😉


Take care and stay safe everyone. ☺️

Monday 22nd February 2021 


Hi Reception, we hope you all had a wonderful half term break. 😊


Now it’s the start of a new half term our project is fairytales and traditional stories. 📚 So to begin our new project, this week we are thinking about the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and we know that this is one of our favourite stories to share in Reception so we all know this story very well. 🐻 🐻 🐻 👧


So why not take a look on our j2e platform where you will find lots of activities linked to this story plus lots more exciting things to keep you busy. So, if you haven’t already done so, then please logon and have a go. If you require any support with this then you can e.mail us, the address is: one of us will get back to you as soon as we can. ☺️


One of the ideas we have on our j2e platform is to design your own breakfast for the bears, what would you give them if they came to your house for breakfast? 🥣 What do you like to have for your breakfast? You could draw a picture of your breakfast and label it then see if you can take a photo and put it on Evidence Me as we would love to see your designs. Remember, if you’re not yet set up on Evidence Me, if your grown up sends us their e.mail address we can get you started then you can upload your photos so we can see all the exciting things you’re doing.


You could have a go at creating your own story setting for the bears, where could the bears go and live if they moved house? They may like to go and live on a beach 🏖 or they may like to live next door to you! Where do you think the bears would like to live? 🏡


You could create your own bear mask or picture using different craft materials. Take a look at the pictures below for some ideas. You could have your own teddy bear’s picnic, you could write an invitation to your favourite teddy asking them to join you. You could even have a go at creating a tally chart about who likes porridge and who doesn’t, you can ask your family and record your findings.


Now whatever learning you do at home we would love to hear about it so please don’t forget to share your photos with us. 📷


We hope you all have a wonderful week Reception. Take care and stay safe everyone. ☺️

Monday 8th February 2021


Hi Reception, we hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe. 😊


So it’s the start of another week although, it’s the last week of our half term and we just want to say how proud we are of you all for all the great learning you have been doing at home. We have loved seeing your photos and videos so thank you to you and your grown ups for sharing them with us. We also want to say thank you to those of you who have been able to join us on our Teams Meetings, it has been so nice to see your smiles, have a little chat and share our news. If you haven’t joined us for a Teams Meeting yet then please keep a look out for the invites in your e.mails, it would be great to see you on our next one!  🤗


Now this week our project is dinosaurs! 🦖 Be sure to take a look on our j2e platform to see all the exciting activities we have put on there for you to have a go at as well as the daily literacy and numeracy activities too!


Why not listen or read the story of ‘Dinosaurs love underpants’ and then see if you can draw your own dinosaur, you could design some pants for your dinosaur too! What colours and patterns would you use? You could have a go at creating your own story based around the book. Start by thinking of a name for your dinosaur and think about what it is your dinosaur loves! You could use your name for the dinosaur, take a look at the pictures below for some ideas. Then create your own story map, plan out the beginning, the middle and the end of your story! 🦕 You could make your own dinosaur with different craft materials or even pasta shapes.


In maths this week we are thinking about measuring so why not draw a large dinosaur footprint and measure it using different objects. How many Lego pieces long is your dinosaur footprint, can you measure it with toy cars, marbles, buttons? What can you find to measure it with?

You could create your own shape dinosaur, what shapes could you use? If you haven’t got any shapes you could draw your own and cut them out then rearrange them to make your dinosaur!


There are so many more ideas on our j2e platform to keep you busy so if you haven’t already then please logon and have a go. If you require any support with this then you can e.mail us, the address is: one of us will get back to you as soon as we can. ☺️


We hope you all have a wonderful week. Take care and we hope to see you all soon. 😉

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Hi Reception, we hope you are well and that you all enjoyed the snow! ❄️ ⛄️ 

Now this week, continuing with our animal project, we are thinking about jungle and rainforest animals. What animals do you know that live in the jungle or the rainforest? 🐯🦁🐒

So to keep you busy we have a few ideas that you might like to try while you are at home. Why don’t you see if you have any books at home that have jungle or rainforest animals in them and see if you can share your book with someone, which animal in your story is your favourite and why? Could you draw a picture of your favourite animal and write a sentence about it? If you haven’t got any stories about jungle or rainforest animals then you could make your own story up! Ask a grown up to help you write down some ideas for your very own story! 📖 

You could even have a go at making your own jungle animal mask and there are some ideas below. If you have any pasta tubes, see if you can thread them onto some lace or string and make your own snake! What words can you think of to describe your snake, is he long and thin, is he green, does he have a long, thin tongue? 🐍 

If you have any jungle or rainforest animals at home you could have a go at sorting them in different ways. You could sort them by colour, stripes or spots! See if you can think of a way to sort them. If you haven’t got any animals to sort you could always draw some of your own and cut them out, you could use pencils or felts to colour them or you could use coloured paper or tissue paper if you have any. You could even draw or paint your own jungle or rainforest scene! 🎨 🖊 🖍 

Don’t forget there are lots of exciting activities for you to do daily on Just sign in using your email address and password and every day you will see there are lots of literacy, maths, project and other activities for you to do. 🤗


Have fun Reception, stay safe, take care and we will be in touch again very soon. 😊

Monday 18th January 2021


Hi Reception, we hope you are all keeping well and your families too! 🤗


We just wanted to tell you that this week we are learning all about farm animals so please don't forget to take a look at our home learning activities where you will find lots of different things to do. Miss Lench will be reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.’ 🐷 So we would like you to think about the materials that the three pigs used to build their houses. Do you know what material your house is built from? What other materials can you find around your house? What are your windows made from, what is your table made from, what material is your chair made from? Why don't you see if you can make a list of different materials that you can find around your house. You could even share your list of materials on Evidence Me, we would love to see them. 😌


Another story we will be sharing on j2e is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' 🐐 I wonder if you have something that you could build a bridge out of for the three billy goats, do you have any empty yoghurt pots or cardboard tubes, you could even use some toy building blocks or Lego. Think about how you can make a strong bridge for the goats, you may need to use a selection of different things to build it with. You could have a go at writing some instructions on how to make your bridge or a list of the things you need. 😊


Another exciting thing we will be doing over the next two weeks is setting up Teams Meetings with you all so we can come together and say hello! We will be sending invitations to you all via your e.mail address so keep an eye out for your invite - we really hope you will be able to join us! ☺️


Don't forget that just below is a step by step guide to accessing our home learning so please remember to take a look and logon if you haven't already done so.😊


Bye for now Reception, stay safe and we will be in touch again very soon. 👋😊



Remote Learning Guide

To support navigation to our home learning, we have created a step-by-step guide to help you find the correct folders in order to access the resources and lessons below. If you have any issues please contact us at and we are more than happy to support you further. 

We love looking at all the fantastic work you are completing at home so please remember to upload your work to your child's file or any learning opportunities you have experienced at home to Evidence Me.


Thank you,
Reception Team :)

Step by Step Guide - Remote Learning Reception

Literacy Read Write Inc. - Parents FAQs

Home Learning 

Good Morning!
We hope you are all safe and well and ready to learn in a little bit of a different way for a short time.
Our home learning is on where you can access this and log in with your email address and passwords. The link below shows you how to access the home learning so please be completing the daily tasks we set for Maths and Literacy. There is also a project folder, where you can access activities over the week and revisit this when you need to. 


If you have any questions or queries about home learning then please do not hesitate to contact us via email at and a member of the Reception Team will get back to you as soon as possible. 


If you have completed a practical activity or have been learning through play at home then please remember you can still upload work onto Evidence Me and we can look at all the wonderful things you have been doing. 


Play is powerful and has many learning opportunities. At school, we use different questioning and modelling to develop children's learning and ideas. 


–  I wonder how we could make ……………….?

–  I wonder what will happen if …………..?

–  I wonder why that hasn’t worked?

–  I wonder what else we could do?

–  I wonder what we will need to take when we go to ……………?


or some different enquiry questions that could also help and support children's language and creative thinking:

* How could you find out?

* What do you think? And do you think everyone else would think the same?

* What do you think is happening?

* I don't know, what do you think?

* Can you tell me more about that?

* How can you make/build this?


Any questions, ideas or queries please do email us and we are available to help and support you.
Many thanks,
Reception Team

Timberley Academy - Home Learning a video guide (Year 5 example)

How to access and use home learning. This is year 5's example but this guide is relevant for all year groups.

Happy New Year to you all! 


We hope you all had a wonderful break and a fantastic Christmas and we just wanted to say a big HELLO to you all.👋


We know we can't be together at the moment but we are thinking of you all and we have been busy setting you lots of exciting activities to do on the j2e website so don't forget to find your passwords, logon and take a look! 🤗


Our project for this half term is Animals and for the next two weeks we are going to focus on Arctic Animals. Therefore why don't you see if you can think of an Arctic Animal and make a fact file, you could draw a picture of your favourite Arctic Animal or you could have a go at writing a list of as many Arctic Animals as you can think of. You could ask your grown ups to help you. 😌


We will be in touch again very soon, but until then, please make sure you are all staying safe and take good care of each other. 😊



A Special Message from Santa for all the children at Timberley Academy

Brilliant Bonfire!


We have had the best day celebrating Bonfire Night. We started our day making some sparklers to take outside with us to our Bonfire event. We dressed up lovely and warm and went outdoors watching Mrs Henningham and Mr Ball make a fantastic fire for us all. We listened to the fire crackle and pop and we watched as they added more fuel to keep the fire going. We then enjoyed lovely burgers and chips which were delicious! We finished our bonfire with a scrummy shmore which we even got to roast ourselves. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy :)


Bonfire Bonanza! 


On Thursday, we will be having a fun filled outdoor learning day! We will be learning all about Bonfire Night celebrations and why people celebrate Bonfire Night.  We will be going on Autumn adventures, having a Bonfire and we are even having our lunch outdoors - we can not wait to explore our outdoor areas. We are asking children to please wear warm clothing including hat, scarves and gloves and wellies. Please can you make sure your child's name is on their clothing so we can make sure it stays safe during our day. Make sure you continue to check the website for our pictures of our Bonfire Bonanza too!

Over half term, the weather is going to be very autumnal and crisp. Spend time with your grown-ups in the outdoors, going on some adventures. There are some ideas of things you can do over the half term to keep you active and busy and in touch with nature.

All About Vets


As part of our project, we have been learning all about 'People Who Help Us'. We have learnt so much about Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, Lollypop People and this week we had a talk from Mr Ball all about being how vets look after animals.  
Mr Ball talked to us about how to keep our animals healthy. We talked about how we would know if an animal needs to go to visit a vet, and what the vet may do to help our animals. We even had chance to stroke some of the animals and we enjoyed learning so much about helping and caring for the animals.


It was also very autumnal when we were outside, especially with the colourful crunchy leaves and the bright pumpkins. We enjoyed learning outdoors and we even had a chance to sit on the pumpkins for a picture. Take a look below... 

Hello Reception


We would just like to say a big well done to you all for settling into your new classes and routines so quickly! All the teachers are very proud of you and we have really enjoyed getting to know you all over the last three weeks. smiley We have so many exciting activities planned for the weeks ahead and we know you're all going to have a great time and learn so many new things.


Just a reminder that if you are self-isolating you can access home learning through the website using the username and password that has been sent home.


Now we have started learning our sounds in Literacy we wanted to share some resources with you to help you carry on leaning your sounds at home with your grown ups. Take a look at the videos below:



Parent video: How to say the sounds

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Parent video: What is Read Write Inc Phonics

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Welcome to Reception


We would like to say hello to all our new Reception children - we can't wait to see you! We hope you and your families have had a fantastic summer and that you are all ready to start your new school adventure.  Take a look at the photos below to see your new teachers and classrooms.


See you all soon





Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion