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Easter Activities

Create Easter toilet roll creatures


Instead of throwing away the cardboard tube inside your toilet roll or kitchen roll, save it for this adorable craft.

Be as creative - or not - as you want and add eyes, beaks, and wings for the chicks or whiskers, a nose and ears for the bunnies.

All you need, are the cardboard toilet rolls, paint, googly eyes, coloured card for the beak, feet and ears and pipe cleaners for the bunny whiskers.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

What to Do

Look around your house and garden for objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. That’s it! Here is a list of words that begin with each letter that you may have lying around the house, just incase you get stuck. 


Words for Each Letter of the Alphabet

  • A: apple, applesauce, airplane, astronaut, alligator, ax, ant
  • B: ball, banana, boat, brick, box, bag, bed, bear, bat
  • C: car, cookie, cake, cat, cob, cow, candy
  • D: dog, dragon, drum, dime, doll, duck, dump truck
  • E: elephant, ear, eye, egg, elf
  • F: frog, feather, fish, flower, flamingo, fire, flashlight
  • G: giraffe, game, girl, goat, ghost, gift, goose, gorilla, guitar
  • H: helicopter, hammer, heart, hat, hand, horse, heart, house
  • I: ice cream, ice, inch, island, insect,
  • J: joker, jacket, jam, jewel, jet
  • K: ketchup, knife, knot, kazoo, kiwi, koala, kangaroo, key, kettle
  • L: lizard, lion, leopard, ladder, lamb, leaf, leg, lock, lips, lemon, light
  • M: mouse, mail, map, mat, match, mitten, man, money
  • N: nickel, nail, net, nest, nose, nut
  • O: Oreos, octopus, orange, onion
  • P: pan, pen, Pokemon, pig, pet, pink, pot, pizza, pumpkin, pear, pretzel
  • Q: queen, quilt, question mark
  • R: reptile, rabbit, rake, rat, red, ring, rocket, rose, rainbow, rhino, robot
  • S: scissors, snake, strawberry, star, stop sign, sun, snail
  • T: teacup, ten, tomato, toad, tiger, table, tail, toy, telephone, tractor, tooth, turtle, tree
  • U: Uno, umbrella,  utencils, underwear, uniform, unicorn, ukulele
  • V: vase, vine, vest, vegetable, van, volcano, violin
  • W: whistle, wand, walrus, whale, white, watermelon, wolf, worm
  • X: x-ray, xylophone
  • Y: yoyo, yellow, yolk
  • Z: zebra, zero, zig zag, zip
Below are some fun Maths and English Easter activities (try not to scroll down and look at the answers laugh but you can use them to check your answers once you have figured it out).

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Easter Maths Word Problems

The Mystery of the Crushed Easter Eggs (SPaG)

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion