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Koby and Ryan have wowed the 5ers this week, with two fantastic poems about Henry VIII. Check them out...

In 1509 Henry the VIII became king,
Tied the knot six times – boy what a lot of rings .
A ladies man (wanting an heir).
Lots of pregnancies and loses.  It didn’t seem fair.
He became very fat, grew quite a tum ,
More than one chin and a rather large bum.
Then a few years later (the year 1547)
He kicked the bucket and didn’t make it to heaven!   
Koby 22.04.13

I’m Henry VIII, I had six sorry wives .
Some might say, I ruined their lives
Catherine of Aragon was one,
She failed to give me a son.
So I divorced her.
Young Anne Boleyn was two.
She gave me  a daughter .
So off went her head.
Lovely Jane Seymour was three.
She gave me a son.
But she died.
Anne of Cleeves was four.
Didn’t like the look of her.
So I divorced her.
Catherine Howard was five.
Child of 19 ,flirted with others.
So off went her head.
Catherine Parr was six.
She out lived me ,by one year.
That’s the order of how the wives.
Divorced, beheaded and survived.
Ryan 22.04.13

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion