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Timberley Is Growing!!


As you are all aware...

Timberley is expanding!


Due to the high demand of school places in Birmingham and particularly Shard End, Timberley Academy will be expanding to 90 places in September starting from Reception 2014. Although we are an Academy (independent school), Birmingham City Council have strongly supported our application to expand.


Last year we expanded to 90 places in our Nursery due to such popularity and demand on children needing places. Now after lots of hard work, this expansion can carry on into the Reception year group.


Our waiting list throughout the whole school is growing drastically, due to the amount of children who need school places in the local area and at Timberley we want to try our very hardest to accommodate as many children, to provide them the best quality of education possible. The plan is as the 90 children who will be starting with us in September 2014 move on throughout the school, the expansion will eventually be all the way through to year 6, meaning in 2020 there will be 90 children in each school year at Timberley. Imagine how many children we can provide education and support to by then!


We have had brilliant feedback from parents/carers who currently have children at Timberley, but also parents/carers who would like their children to attend Timberley in the future. The expansion plan really have been a success all over and Timberley could not be more grateful for the support we have received.


We will keep you all updated on the expansion plans as it goes on. If anyone has any questions about the expansion, please do not hesitate to the contact the school office on 0121-4642002 and your questions will be answered.


Also, please see the 'Timberley Is Growing!!' page on the About Us area of the website for attached documents.


Thank you.



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