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Timberley Choir Wins The Christmas Star's Competition!!


Timberley Choir

Free Radio's Christmas Stars Competition

Brilliant News!

The Timberley Choir won the Christmas Stars competition.

On Saturday the children performed live in the Birmingham City Centre at Brindley Place, infront of the Free Radio judges and the public.
The choir were amazing and won!

The children have put in so much effort and time to make their performances as good as they can be. 
We are so proud of the children and they have done Timberley proud.
A big thank you to Mrs Mayne and Miss Harris who have worked so hard with the choir.
Without them and the children this would not be possible. 


The choir will be performing this Wednesday at school, after the open evening.
6pm till 8pm.
Everyone is welcome to come along.
Please book a seat at the school office to ensure your place at the performance.


Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion