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Thank you for all the positive comments made on social media recently, we are always really pleased when parents recommend us.  However the school has recently been made aware that a small number of posts containing false and inaccurate comments have been uploaded onto social media sites which relate to staff members and the general running of the school. The school would like to assure parents that it will address any concerns or issues raised in accordance with its Complaints Policy, which is available on the school’s website or from the school office. Please also refer to the parent code of conduct available on the school website.  The school urges parents to approach school with any concerns and refrain from airing concerns about the school and its staff on social media sites. If the school is unaware of any issues then it cannot investigate and resolve them, and the reputation of the school may be damaged and the integrity of its staff unnecessarily called into question. Posting negative comments on social media can cause damage and upset and is often counter-productive to pupil education. The school aims to hold constructive communication with parents and is continually looking at fresh ways of school and parent engagement to serve the best interests of all those in the school community. 

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion