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Could all parents/carers make sure they are parking safely aside school, 
when dropping off or collecting children from school. 
The slip road into school must not be parked on at all. 
This must be kept clear for emergancies vehicles and staff leaving/entering the premises. 
People caught parking on the slip road will be asked to move immediatly. 
Under NO circumstances must the slip road be parked on.
Also, our neighbours driveways and grass verges must be kept clear. 

We understand that parking is difficult around the area and spaces are limited, 
but safety is a big thing and we need to try our hardest to stop any hazards or incidents. 

We have had several occassions where staff cannot enter or leave site due to people parking on the slip road, even right infront of the barrier. 
This cannot happen. 
In the past our neighbours have complained due to the bad parkinig. 

Lets all work together to make Timberley a happy and safe place for all. Inside and out

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion