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IMPORTANT UPDATE; Playgroup Consultation


Unfortunately, we have some very sad news that we must inform you all of.

The Governors have made the decision to close Timberley Tots Playgroup.

The decision has been made due to funding reasons. Playgroup have been making a loss and legally, the Academy funds are not allowed to cover or help out the Playgroup financial issues.


However, Miss Rose had made the decision to look into changing the age range in school down to 2 years old.

This will mean that our current Playgroup children will be able to turn our Nursery.


Playgroup will be closing their doors for the final time around Easter 2017.

So please do not panic and please do not feel like you now have to search for new childcare arrangements.

Also, remember that if your child attends our Nursery they are guaranteed a place in our Reception class when the time comes.


For any more information or if you would like to discuss these changes with someone, please feel free to called the school office on 0121-4642002.






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