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Heating Update.

A pipe has burst under school which is affecting the heating in the upper part of school (office entrance to ks2).

School is feeling considerably colder, therefore while this issue is being resolved we do ask that parents/carers of children in key stage 2 make sure their child is brought to school with their jumper, cardigan or fleece.

We are paying for temp heaters to be placed around key stage 2 to try and generate as much heat as possible, but for a precaution we'd like to make sure each child has an extra warm layer with them to wear in the building.  


As the burst pipe is only affecting the upper part of school, the lower part (foundation and ks1) will remain warm and the heating will work as normal down there.


The heating issue is currently under construction and the appropriate work is being done to fix this issue as soon as possible, without causing distraction to the general running of school.

We do not want to shut school, so we are doing everything possible to keep the building warm for everyone.


We will keep you all updated.


Thank you.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion