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Apply for Reception / Primary school


The Reception application round for September 2017 intake is now open.


Children in Birmingham can go to school (Reception) in the September after their 4th birthday. That means that if your child was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, they'll be able to start school in September 2017. It’s extremely important that you apply for a place as soon as possible.


You can apply for up to three preferred school places on your application form and it is advisable that you do apply for more than one school, just in case you're not offered the school of your choice. Please bare in mind, that once you’ve submitted your preference form you won't be able to change it unless you have a genuine reason for doing so, such as moving home.


The easiest way to apply is online at and search for 'Apply for Reception'. If your postcode comes under Solihull, you will need to apply to Solihull Council and not Birmingham. Parents will find out which school their child has been allocated a place for September 2017 on April 18, 2017.


If you require any further help please do not hesitate to call the school office on 0121-4642002 or directly call Birmingham School Admissions on 0121-3031888. 

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