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All-Weather Multi- Sports Pitch Appeal

It has been a great year for British sport, from the hosting of the London Olympics to British victories at the Tour de France and US Grand Slam. It has also been a great year for sport at Timberley, with pupils put forward for trials with Birchfield Harriers, three pupils being picked for Birmingham District team and both girl and boy sides winning 5 football competitions. 


We all know how important it is for children to have access to sports and games during their school years, not only for the health benefits that physical activity offers but also for the beneficial effect sports has upon a child’s self-esteem and mental alertness.


Unfortunately, sports education in England is facing a tough future. Funding for school sports partnerships has been cut and our children face a decline in sports diversity and specialist school coaching. Further cuts are expected in the education sector in the future.


While Timberley has always taken sports education very seriously, and made full use of its playing fields, poor weather and the winter season limits our ability to offer year-round outdoor sporting activities to our pupils. Therefore, we are launching an appeal to raise £47,000 to build an all-weather multi-sports pitch on Timberley grounds, and are seeking donations and clever fundraising ideas from our community to bring this fantastic resource to Shard End. The pitch will be designed as a multi-use games area, with wetpour surfacing, football, basketball and netball pitch markings and 2-metre high Duplex fencing.


If there is a demand we would like to make the all-weather sports pitch available to the community for outside school hours, making this project a valuable asset for the local area. And this will only be the first phase in a long-term campaign to provide comprehensive sports facilities for generations to come; once complete we are planning to provide the all-weather pitch with floodlights and changing rooms.   


You can keep abreast of the appeal’s progress and see designs for the sports pitch by viewing our campaign board in the academy reception. Please help; the all-weather sports pitch will only be possible if we all work together to provide kind donations and smart fundraising ideas. Let’s provide our children with the facilities they deserve, and help keep sport firmly in Timberley’s court. 

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