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What sort of learning resources are available for my child?


The SENDCo and the SEN Team liaise closely with support services to ensure children with specific learning, sensory or physical needs are benefitting from equipment available.

Staff training and guidance is always given around specific aids individuals may require.

Teachers continually assess the needs of the children in their class and will request additional resources to support their learning and concentration as necessary.

Resources that could be available could include;


  • Coloured over lay strips,
  • Pencil grips and adapted pens and pencils.
  • Home and guided reading books which are book banded so that they are at the right level for your child to make progress.
  • A range of ICT equipment including laptops, ipads, cameras and recording equipment to support children recording their work in different ways across the school environment.
  • Positions of tables and chairs are always considered for children with Special Educational Needs.
  • Reading materials are sometimes copied onto coloured paper.
  • Coloured writing paper and books are available for use with children who require them.
  • Children are encouraged to talk with partners or in small groups to develop their ideas, reason and articulate before recording them.

Outside agencies will often identify resources that children will benefit from using in class.




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