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The Rights Respecting School Award recognises schools that put the Convention on the Rights of the child at the centre of their school ethos and planning.


Timberley Academy received the Recognition of Commitment in February 2017 and we are now working towards achieving Level One of the award.


The steering group meets often and is made up of children, SLT, MLT and class teachers. All school stakeholders ensure values are reflected in our school vision and are central to our ethos and values.


The Conventions on the Rights of the Child consists of 54 Articles. A 'child' is defined as every human being below the age of 18. The key provisions are :


  1. The right to childhood
  2. The right to be educated
  3. The right to be healthy
  4. The right to be treated fairly
  5. The right to be heard
  6. The right to be safe


By learning about the Convention our children can find out that:


  1. They have rights
  2. They should be informed about their rights
  3. They should be helped to exercise their rights
  4. They should be able to enforce their rights
  5. There should be a community of interest to advocate young people's rights


World Mental Health Day

Date: 11 Oct
What is it: The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year. This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is psychological first aid and the support people can provide to those in distress.

Rights Link: Article 24: Health and health services; Article 25: Review of treatment in care.


For World Mental Health Day we raised awareness and money by wearing a piece of clothing or an accessory that was yellow. We talked about the right to a healthy mind and body and took part in Yoga, Mindfulness Activities and worked on different sheets talking about what makes us unique and special and what we like about ourselves. 

Rights Quiz

During our Rights Respecting group meeting this week, we had a quiz to see which rights were true or false and what statements were true or false. We had so much fun with the quiz and we were really surprised at how great we were at remembering all about the rights. We thought it was really important that all the rights are for all children around the world and we talked about the Out Right campaign looking at how globally our rights are affected and how others are affected too! 

Article of the Month - October 2019

Our Class Charters

We have been working really hard looking at our rights, especially at our right to have a name. We have been exploring the importance of having a name and looking at how are rights are adhered to and how in some cases these rights are not supported. At Timberley, each class has a class set of promises which we call our class charters. These promises are promises that we have made and we are responsible for ensuring we are following our promises. Take a look at some of our fantastic charters!

September 2019 - Article of the Month

Welcome Back :)

Welcome back to another year of being a Rights Respecting School. At the moment in school we are 'Rights Committed' which is a fantastic achievement for all of the children, parents and staff here at Timberley. We are now working towards our 'Rights Aware' award and therefore show everybody in our community that we have all got rights.  So continue to come to our website to keep up to date on all the latest news that our steering group 'The Rights Respecting Group' have been up to!

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion