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Timberley Academy

Timberley Aims

At Timberley we aim to provide children with opportunities to prepare them
for adult life. These opportunities came from an ethos and curriculum that
provides maximum learning opportunities for each individual child, no
matter what their particular needs may be.


Our aims are:


  • To create a happy, caring and stimulating school environment, helping
children to understand that courtesy, good manners and consideration
for other are very important qualities.


  • To provide children with opportunities to achieve high academic
standards with particular regard to the requirements of the National
Curriculum, but with emphasis on helping children to use language and
number effectively, developing an ability to apply skills and communicate
with others.


  • To provide children with opportunities to develop a growing self-confidence,leading to independence


  • To help children develop an enjoyment of physical, creative and spiritual


  • To help pupils appreciate the world around us and the part they need to
play in its continued wellbeing, particularly within their own local
environment and community.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion