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How we will work with you to identify the needs of your child

Often, children may join our school, with parents having a clear picture of their child’s needs and as a school we see parents as full partners in their child’s education. Sometimes, however, it is school staff who may initially identify a concern. If this were to be the case, school staff would liaise with parents at the earliest opportunity to discuss such concerns and agree a way forward.


For some concerns, we may discuss the involvement of outside agencies. It is important to understand, however, that the purpose of such involvement of professionals is not always to seek a ‘label’ or ‘diagnosis’ but more often in order for advice to be offered to help the child learn as well as they possibly can.



We very much value the contribution that parents can make to their child’s education. You are always welcome to call in to see how your child is getting on, so long as you let us know that you are coming and make an appointment via our school office. There are two Parents’ Evenings each year where the parents of children with SEND can discuss their child’s learning and review and set outcomes.


We also ask parents to attend a child centred ‘Annual Review’ for all pupils with an ‘Educational Health and Care Plan’, to enable all of the staff who work with yourselves to discuss the placement each year.

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