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How we ensure that parents and children with additional needs are fully included in all school activities

Timberley Academy is a fully accessible mainstream school.   We make every effort to ensure that all children with additional needs are able to take part in trips and activities.


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In school we have a lift, ramps, 5 personal care rooms and wide or automatic doors to ensure all areas of school are accessible to all children.


Children in the resource base with physical difficulties take part in specialist PE once a week with trained staff, their inclusion assistants and our physio assistant. Children with additional needs have the opportunity to represent the school through our SEND sports links.


Children with additional needs are able to take part in after school clubs if they apply and reasonable adjustments can be made.


Parents are consulted about trips and any adjustments that need to be made and transport is planned accordingly. Timberley Academy has purchased a mini bus that allows us to transport children with physcial needs and medical conditions.

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When we have visitors in school, such as theatre companies, to perform to or work with children then the additional needs of children are always considered. All children can participate unless the activity causes distress or anxiety and then alternative provision will be made.

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