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At Gardening Club we try to improve the school grounds for children and wildlife. We have planted trees and flowers to encourage wildlife and we are growing herbs and vegetables for the children to eat.


Mr Herbert has been busy clearing up the vegetable plot, it has now been weeded and dug over. In the autumn the Y4 children planted daffodils around the outside and these are beginning to grow. We are now planning what to grow here for this year. The children have begun by planting broad beans in plastic cups that were thrown away earlier in the week.


It has been a wet and windy month with parts of Forest School under water. Inside the greenhouse the broad beans are beginning to grow as are the onions. We have now planted beetroot and salad leaves so hopefully they will grow in the spring. The bulbs we planted outside are flowering now.


Spring is in the air and so the planting season begins. This month we planted out the broad beans and onions we started in the greenhouse. We have also sown peas in the vegetable garden and planted potatoes. The children like being in the fresh air digging and planting.


Thank you to the children in Y1 and Y2 who each week from March to June helped grow and plant the rest of the vegetables while everyone else was in lockdown. By June we had planted out sweetcorn, beetroot, French beans, squash, tomatoes and pumpkins. Unfortunately the weeds were also growing so Mr Herbert has been busy weeding! You can see what it was like before weeding and then after in the photos below.


The vegetables have been growing quickly and Reception have been in picking beans, peas and potatoes. The peas and beans have finished and so we have planted cabbage and spinach to replace them. Hopefully the children will be able to pick pumpkins when they come back in the autumn.

Around the grounds and through the seasons

From the cold, dark days of winter we move into the spring when the bulbs start to flower. As spring turns to summer more flowers appear and the Forest School area looks like a woodland again. As summer turns to autumn the fruit appear on the trees and fungi are found on the ground. The leaves change colour and fall as autumn fades into winter and the yearly cycle begins again.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion