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Gardening Club

At Gardening Club we try to improve the school grounds for children and wildlife. We have planted trees and flowers to encourage wildlife and we are growing herbs and vegetables for the children to eat.

The Vegetable Garden

In January Mr Herbert weeded and dug over the vegetable plot and laid a new path down the middle to make it easier to reach the plots. In March we planted out our first vegetables, these were the broad beans we had started off in the greenhouse in February. We then planted peas and onions and in April the children planted potatoes. In May we planted lettuce, cabbage, sunflowers and runner beans. The vegetables are growing well but so are the weeds so extra work for Garden Club! By June all the rain was helping the vegetables to grow but the pumpkins are waiting for the warm sunny days to get them growing fast. July and at last the sun is shining and we can pick our first vegetables. The children in Garden Club picked peas to take home and eat. September and time to harvest the pumpkins.

The Greenhouse

February and time to sow our first seeds of the year. We have started by planting broad beans for the vegetable garden and sweet peas to make the farm smell nice in the summer! By the end of February the first shoot were beginning to show. In March we planted pots of cress and peas which will make a tasty snack in a few weeks time. By May the greenhouse is full of flowers and vegetables waiting to be planted out when the weather is warmer. In June we planted the tomatoes, cucumbers and squash into big pots; hopefully they will be ready to eat before the end of term. July and the tomatoes and cucumbers are growing quickly we will get the first ones to eat before we break up for the summer holiday. September and we still have tomatoes to pick and our squash plants are growing well.

Around the grounds and through the seasons

From the cold, dark days of winter we move into the spring when the bulbs start to flower. As spring turns to summer more flowers appear and the Forest School area looks like a woodland again. As summer turns to autumn the fruit appear on the trees and fungi are found on the ground.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion