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The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award was created in 1997 by The John Muir Trust to encourage children and adults protect and enhance wild places in the UK. The John Muir Trust is a conservation charity that owns and manages some of the finest wild places in Britain including our highest mountain - Ben Nevis in Scotland and Helvellyn the third highest mountain in England which is in The Lake District National Park.


The children at Timberley Academy have been taking part in The John Muir Award every year since 2005. To gain the award the children have to Discover a wild place, Explore it, help to Conserve it and Share their experiences. They are also encouraged to work as a team to make a difference to the grounds of Timberley and to find out about the life and work of John Muir who was an early conservationist.


Many of the improvements around the grounds of Timberley Academy have been due to the work of children during their John Muir Awards. We have planted hundreds of trees, bulbs and wild flowers to enhance the environment for people and wildlife. It is important for children to see that they can make a positive contribution to the world around them.


Below you will see photos of the children taking part in activities to help them gain their John Muir Award this year.


For further information about the John Muir Award or to find out about the life and work of John Muir you can use the links below.



National Parks

John Muir helped set up some of the first national parks in the USA such as Yosemite to protect them from development so that they would be safe havens for wildlife and allow people to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.


In the photos below the children created their own mini national parks inside a boundary.  They used natural materials to represent wild features so a rock in their park is like a mountain in a real national park.

Minibeast Hunt

In the photos below the children are working on the four challenges of The John Muir Award. They Explore the site to Discover what is living there. They Share what they find with each other and Conserve by looking after the creatures and returning them to their natural habitat.

Vertebrate Hunt

For this activity the children had to Explore the Forest School area to Discover pictures of vertebrates hidden around the grounds. They then had to classify them into the five vertebrate groups and decide if their vertebrate was a mammal, a reptile, an amphibian, a fish or a bird. They then Shared what they had found with the others and talked about what people are doing to Conserve some of the endangered species. Have a look at the pictures below, do you know which group they fit into?

John Muir Award Record Books


Each child has their own record book to record what they see around them. This week we looked at the plants and wildflowers growing in the Forest School area. The children had a magnifying glass to see the flowers close up then the drew them in as much detail as possible in their record books. At the end of The John Muir Award they will be able to take their record books home with them.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion