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School Council

Pupils like being consulted on how to improve the academy. They can see their wishes fulfilled in the gardens for each class and the new after-school basketball and hockey clubs.- Ofsted January 2014

Welcome to our Timberley School Council!


The school council representatives for 2017 - 2018 are:


Year 2                                          Year 4                                           Year 6

Ruby - Leigh                               Arianna                                        Lidya

Isabelle                                       Emma                                          Rachel

Skye                                           Rheya                                          Makeda

Jack                                           Adrian                                           Demi

Harvey                                       Kymarni                                        Poppy

Archie                                        Jayden                                          Aleena


Year 3                                        Year 5                                           Reuben

Maizie-Raine                             Cody                                              Lennon

Amelie                                       Brooke                                           Darius

Sophie                                       Ammarah                                       Ross

Haiden-Leigh                             Mitchell                                          Logan

Callum                                       Luke

Kian                                           Lucas

Year 5 Reps Meeting the Lord Mayor of Birmingham!!!!!!!!!!!