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At Gardening Club we try to improve the school grounds for children and wildlife. We have planted trees and flowers to encourage wildlife and we are growing herbs and vegetables for the children to eat.


In June we picked our first vegetables which were spring onions, cauliflowers and broad beans. All grown without chemical sprays so they are organic, fresh and full of vitamins. In July we picked the beetroot; these have been pickled and will be on sale at the next school fair. The sweet corn has grown well and the cobs will be ready soon.

At the end of April we planted two monster pumpkin seeds. Both of the seeds grew and at the beginning of June we planted them out in the vegetable beds in the farm. It was hot and dry so we needed to water the pumpkin plants every day. By July the first pumpkin flowers were out and our monster pumpkin began to grow.
We started lots of our vegetables in the greenhouse before we planted them outside. By July we had tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers ready to pick.
Back in the autumn we planted bulbs around the grounds. These are the first ones to come into flower and are providing a source of nectar for insects such as bees. In the summer lots of wild flowers came out and with them came the bees and butterflies which the children enjoy spotting.

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion