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At Gardening Club we try to improve the school grounds for children and wildlife. We have planted trees and flowers to encourage wildlife and we are growing herbs and vegetables for the children to eat.
The Sensory Garden had become overgrown. We cut back the herbs and we have started planting some new ones. In February we planted garlic; by the time we finished we all smelt of garlic! In the photos below you can see the children working hard taking out all the weeds. We then used some of the herbs to create our own magic potions!

Sensory Garden

Can you name these herbs from the Sensory Garden?

We began to clear this plot for the new vegetable garden in the summer of 2017. The children helped take out stones and weeds but it was hard work so Mr Ball invited his pigs in and now they are doing all the hard work for us!

The New Vegetable Plot

In the greenhouse we have started planting vegetables for the new vegetable plot. So far we have grown broad beans, cauliflowers, spring onions, garlic and we have potatoes ready to plant. Can you work out which veg are which from the photos below?

The Greenhouse

Back in the autumn we planted bulbs around the grounds. These are the first ones to come into flower and are providing a source of nectar for insects such as bees.

Flowers for Wildlife

Superbia Perseverantia et Passionem Pride, Perseverance and Passion